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People who have crafted their way, fought for their dreams and made themselves into leading figures in their sectors. Discover #CraftYourWay and its main figures.


Olivier Delacroix

“I hope to be able to tell myself in ten years’ time that my work has moved things forward a little and that those values, which are mine, have helped others and enabled them to listen more, tolerate more and live together better”

Coco Dávez

“I’m self-taught; I can live from art because I love art. I work with passion, I enjoy what I do and I dream of continuing to have fun every day drawing coloured lines that bring meaning and joy to my life.”

Michael Yamashita

“Every day is a new adventure, every dawn is a new dream, and every project is a new thrill. I started as an amateur and somehow because of good fortune and maybe some talent my hobby became my profession.”

Bai Ruoxi

“I look back, see what I’ve achieved and I’m moved. I want to continue learning, continue sharing my art and take new steps. I want to start projects which the audience enjoys as much as I do.”

Antonio Carmona

“I believe in evolution, but knowing where you come from, and from there taking small steps affectionately and appreciating the details to get to the top but without losing your spirit.”

Kiko Moya

“I love sharing my work, my way of thinking; bringing it to my dishes and conveying feelings and emotions. I believe in dreams, in a job done well, in my team and in a journey that we take together to achieve success and meet new challenges.”

Tamara Laurel

“Learn, grow and reinvent yourself as often as you need to become what you always dreamed of. I’m making my dreams come true. What more can I ask of life?”