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San Sebastián

It is hard to visit the beautiful San Sebastián without being seduced by its gastronomy, one of the most outstanding on the planet. For this reason, we have made a special effort to find the best of the best on this walk through the city, another one of the Pikolinos #SmilingCities.

We have accompanied the thousands of delicious bites offered by the Basque city with delectable walks, dream venues and everything you need to discover it, in a perfect combination that feeds body, mind and spirit.

Come with us on this walk through San Sebastian and enjoy every bite, every minute, every step of the way.

Google Map of San Sebastián.

Mapa de San Sebastián

Strolling and Experimenting

Puerto de San Sebastián by bornway

The best two things you can do in San Sebastián is to walk around and eat pintxos.

And in the old quarter you can do both. Stroll through the fishing port and get lost in its streets, making pit stops at the bars.

You can end the day by taking a walk through the marina, watching the fishing boats move by and enjoying the breeze and the views.

Puerto de San Sebastián
imagen Basilisa imagen Basilisa Botas
Botas Puerto San Sebastián
Fondo blanco
título Eureka

Paseo Mikeletegi, 45

imagen Eureka

This great science museum places an emphasis on interactive events. It boasts several temporary exhibitions, a planetarium, and guided activities. Anyone can enjoy it, but it is especially aimed at families with kids.

Thanks to its more than 170 interactive modules distributed in its nine rooms, visitors will be able to gain an understanding of basic scientific principles and will be astounded by its unique lighting, which will ensure an enjoyable visit; this, after all, is what any museum should seek to accomplish.
título Mercado de la Bretxa

Boulevard Zumardia, 3

imagen Mercado de la Bretxa

A great place to go shopping and learn history. It was designed by Antonio Cortázar. Its name is explained by delving into the city’s books.

At the beginning of the 18th century, San Sebastián was attacked by the troops of the Duke of Berwick; the assailants opened two breaches in the wall. History repeats itself and one hundred years later, in 1813, Anglo-Portuguese soldiers took the city through this very place.

The weak point of the city has been transformed into its meeting place.

Pl. de las Cigarreras, 1

Tabakalera is a contemporary culture centre with a double vocation: to function as a production centre and to offer a programme of activities aimed at the public.

It owes its name to its 90-year history as a tobacco factory. Now, it manufactures all kinds of culture and has become a meeting point for locals and tourists.
imagen Tabakalera imagen Tabakalera
título Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull

imagen Monte Urgull
título Monte Urgull Botas

Mount Urgull is not very high, just 125 meters above sea level. But it was enough to act as a defensive bulwark for the city from the 12th century onwards.

Now its role is to offer beautiful views. Here, you will have the chance to see what remains of the walls that once defended the city, the rows of cannons and the castle of La Mota, which is now a museum.

título Monte Urgull Botas
título Monte Urgull Botas
Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo

Plaza del Funicular, 4

Monte Igueldo

There may be more modern amusement parks than this one, but they are unlikely to be as interesting.

It was built in 1911 to take advantage of the incipient tourism in the area. In the beginning, the park had a casino, a restaurant, and an assembly hall. Here, the Spanish bourgeoisie came together for elegant balls. The funicular, some of the buildings and rides are almost a hundred years old and coexist with some more modern sections.
Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo
Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo

In a thousand bites

LABE Restaurante
título Labe Restaurante

Plaza de las Cigarreras, 1

Delicious and sustainable: that's how this restaurant defines its work. More than a restaurant, LABe is a laboratory of innovation and digital transformation for the gastronomy of the future, made up of a multidisciplinary team.

Creative cuisine that prioritises plant-based, local and seasonal products, with a menu full of innovative, healthy, and delicious proposals. A place in which to see the future.
Labe Restaurante
Labe Restaurante

Mundaitz Kalea, 8

Dabadaba ilustración

This venue opened in March 2014, with the aim of hosting all kinds of musical events. Since then, more than 300 artists have graced its stage each year.

At Dabadaba you can listen to everything from techno to flamenco, rock and roll, hip hop, and jazz. And, as for the last few years it has also been a lively club, you can dance to all kinds of music there too.

In addition to music, Dabadaba has hosted theatre performances, exhibitions, screenings, presentations and even flea markets. A multipurpose space for culture in all its formats.
Dabadaba Botas
Fondo blanco
título Mugaritz

Aldura Aldea, 20. Errentería

imagen Mugaritz

Going to Donosti and not visiting Mugaritz is like going to school without having done your homework.

One of the most innovative restaurants on the planet, with chef Andoni Luis Aduriz at the helm, it seeks to feed not only the stomach but also the mind and the senses.

You don’t just go to eat Mugaritz, you go to enjoy a story of emotions revolving around 20 dishes. It is a true experience.
título Amelia

Hotel Villa Favorita - Zubieta, 26

imagen Amelia

If you are into signature food, Amelia is the place for you. And if, in addition, you like to see how the dishes you are going to taste are prepared, you have another reason to visit this restaurant run by the Italian-Argentinian chef, Paulo Airado, who has a Michelin star.

His work philosophy is based on using seasonal and sustainable raw materials, and the restaurant relies on a number of small local producers. Amelia is a landmark in the city.
La Jarana Taberna

Mari Kalea, 3

Traditional food prepared by chef Ander González is what you will find in this tavern that does not look like a tavern.

If dishes like hake pie, pintxo de ropa vieja and txuleta and foie meatballs don’t make your mouth water, you should get yourself checked out.

The menu changes each day depending on the products available.
La Jarana Taberna
imagen La Jarana Taberna
Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo

Antonio María Labaien, 1

On its website, this restaurant’s motto is “Share. A local place”, which is as clear a mission statement as one could ask for. It is committed to people (represented by local producers), local and seasonal products and dishes made exclusively with them.

Basically, it’s like coming home. Javi Rivero and Gorka Rico are the ones who make it possible.
imagen Enea
imagen Enea
Fondo blanco
título La Mejillonera

Puerto, 15

What is the specialty of a brewery called La Mejillonera?

Mussels, of course, prepared in every possible way. But also squid and patatas bravas, because this is nothing if not a traditional bar, where the waiters call out the orders at the top of their voices.
Ilustración La Mejillonera
título Akerbektz

Mari Kalea, 19

If in Ibiza you can watch the sunset while listening to chill out music, in San Sebastián you will be listening to rock and roll.

The best way to do it is at this craft beer bar, from whose terrace you can enjoy spectacular views of the bay. Many say it is set in the best spot in town, and that it offers the best brews.
Ilustración Akerbektz
título Baga Biga Faktoria

Paseo Ramón María Lili, 8

Baga Biga Faktoria is a brewery, restaurant, and bar—what more could one ask for?

This brewpub, set in a privileged spot on the east bank of the Urumea, offers craft beers, rich and varied cuisine, and a great atmosphere. Beers to suit all tastes: IPA, ales... whatever you could want.
Ilustración Baga Biga Faktoria

Karkizano, 9

Luque ilustración

It’s hard to say no to something sweet after a walk through San Sebastián. And if, in addition, the sweet in question is not only delicious, but also beautiful, we already have two great reasons to visit this gourmet donostiarra patisserie.

Filled croissants, puff pastry, pasta... You won't know whether to eat them or place them in a display case in your living room.
Rua 887

Urdaneta Kalea, 10

Artisanal processes, local products, and ingenuity; this is what is on offer at this restaurant located in the lively Gros neighbourhood.

Original yet straightforward cuisine based on high-quality raw materials, under the direction of the Brazilian chef Antonio Carlos Fontoura Belotti. By the way, the name of the place comes from his house in Brazil.
Rua 887
Rua 887
Zazpi STM

Plaza Zuloaga, 1

After discovering Basque culture at the San Telmo Museum, what could be better than to continue getting to know Donosti through its gastronomy.

In Zazpi, located in the museum itself, pintxos reach a whole new level. You can also opt for more elaborate and traditional dishes.

Zazpi is all about original cuisine that is committed to local producers and seasonal food.
Fondo blanco
título Humo Pizza

San Frantzisko, 47

You know where the fire is from the smoke, says the song.

It could easily refer to what comes out of the wood-fired oven in this restaurant, where they prepare wonderful artisan pizzas made from their own homemade dough, along with a good selection of additional dishes and starters in a traditional setting.
Ilustración Humo Pizza
título Geralds Bar

Iparragirre, 13

It may be small in terms of size, but not in terms of quality.

This is how one could define this restaurant-bar located in the vibrant and lively Gros quarter, which offers traditional and homemade market food, along with a wonderful wine cellar.

A place with a vintage touch and more than reasonable prices.
Geralds Bar
título Garua

Íñigo, 5

Burgers and beers, what more could you ask for in this life? American-, Argentinian-, and Basque-style meat... with cheese, without cheese... and even vegan!

And to accompany them, a few good craft beers. Remember, they have been awarded a Solete by the Repsol Guide, and that must be for a reason.
Ilustración Garua

Subida Castillo, 2W

Beer is best enjoyed with a good view.

To appreciate San Sebastián as its most magnificent you have to leave the city. In this small venue, perched on the slope of Mount Urgull, you can enjoy a drink and good live music on sunny days.

In the summer, it is a must for anyone seeking to enjoy the best view of the bay.


Fondo blanco
Zinema7 Hotel

Familia Santua Kalea, 1

San Sebastián is a city of cinema, not just because of its festival, but because of venues like this newly built hotel.

Each of its rooms is dedicated to a star who has visited the San Sebastián International Film Festival throughout its history.

The hotel was built on the foundations of what was for more than 40 years the largest multiplex cinema in the city.
Zinema7 Hotel
Hotel Akelarre

Padre Orcolaga, 56

The story of Pedro Subijana and Akelarre is quite well known. He is one of the key figures in the modernization of San Sebastian and Spanish gastronomy.

His restaurant is one of the best in the world. This hotel, which opened in 2017, rounds off a unique five-star experience in an idyllic setting along the Gipuzkoan coast.
Hotel Akelarre