“My parents instilled values in me such as honesty, work and respect. And I admire people who are like that. Being a good person is the best thing people can say about you.”

Writing is in her blood; she is a journalist by profession and writes out of pure passion. In fact she would not know how to live otherwise.

She is from Elche and a natural communicator who is inspired by the small details of life.

Effort and sacrifice have brought her success. Mónica Carrillo shows us that if you pursue your dreams, you can get as far as you want to.

Whenever she writes, she leaves her readers wanting more. Talent and a longing to learn new things and travel the world come together to create new stories.

She caresses with her poems, gives goose bumps with every word and pampers her social media with each of her verses. She hooks readers with her celebrated micro-stories which revolutionise the internet with sparkle and charm.

She loves her city, Elche, which is always with her and looks after her in her most difficult and best times alike.

She is a journalist with an impeccable career. She valueshuman quality above everything else.

She has an enormous ability to create unique stories which display her view of the world.