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When there's a long road, the hardest part is taking the first step.Are you with us?

First and foremost, Pikolinos is a shoe with a lot of personality. For us, each shoe is unique. That's why we apply all of our experience and expertise to the craftsmanship sealing in the shoe's personality.

We identify with the Mediterranean lifestyle, not only with its light and splashes of color, but also with the mellow, laid-back nature of the region's people. Thus, our shoes are designed to be high-quality, comfortable footwear, embodying the values that, for us, are more important than trends.

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Leather is the star of our shoes. A Pikolinos shoe is what it is thanks to the quality that we invest in its production. Our shoes are comfortable, resistant, high-quality, unique, featuring finely crafted finishes and are, most of all, Naturally Good."

Our leather receives only natural treatments that leave it soft

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'To give back to society some of what society has given me' is the commitment that has always driven Juan Perán, President of Pikolinos, which is why the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation was set up in 2007. We're proud to cooperate with more than 16,000 families that are benefiting from our initiatives in Spain and in countries such as Peru, Guinea-Bissau and Kenya, among others.
In 2009, this commitment led to the creation of the Maasai Project, a line of ethnically-inspired footwear crafted by women from the Maasai community in Kenya. This project has brought us a number of acknowledgements, the most important being the recognition we have received from the more than 1,700 Kenyan families that have already taken part in the project.
True to our values, sure of our instincts and passionate about our work. Committed to our product and our customers, and 100% involved in the causes that inspire us.
We are a team of over 500 people dedicated to quality in our designs, exceeding our own expectations and overcoming all the challenges that we set ourselves with integrity and transparency, not only for our customers but also for our staff, with the aim of complying with all the legal requirements that apply to us.
We work with passion and combine all our knowledge to develop unique products that provide the greatest comfort and hence the greatest happiness.
We are very much aware of the value of our raw materials; we treat our leather with the utmost respect for the environment, not only in terms of the mechanisms used in the tanning and manufacturing process, but also with regard to the dyes and other products used in the treatments. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of our leather and our commitment to the environment on equal terms.


We show our true colors with spontaneity and transparency. We act with honesty and respect, always being fair in the decisions and actions we take. We are able to recognize our virtues and our achievements, while strengthening the areas where we need improving. We believe in ourselves.


We strive for continuous improvement to reach our objectives, always questioning what we are doing, and doing so pro-actively, with determination and our work capacity; as well as facing up to our responsibilities, thereby obtaining extraordinary results.


We develop our ability to create and innovate, not becoming complacent with what we already have. We carry out our activities with inventiveness, always doing something new and searching for alternatives to the status quo.


We develop our know-how" through continuous training and teamwork


We are a company that works in solidarity with our coworkers and society. Working through the Foundation we aim to give something back to society from what they have given us.

Did you know that Pikolinos' logo is a duck in flight? Discover why