Pikolinos Universe

Get comfortable and let happiness start with your feet

Image of feet wearing Pikolinos. A woman and a man, facing each other, in front of
                    a wall.

The road starts by walking

Pikolinos is a lifestyle, a way of looking at the world. It’s the search for happiness that starts, always, with the comfort of our creations. Get comfortable and let happiness start with your feet.


Since 1984, we strive to make each shoe unique. Each new season is a challenge we tackle with all our experience and knowhow.

Shoemaking tools on a table, with scraps of skins. Black and white image of hands working on the skin. They are hands of a mature

Technology and innovation

Over the years, we’ve demonstrated our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and cutting edge design, using innovation to constantly improve our products and processes. We’ve implemented advanced systems that boost efficiency and precision in our manufacturing processes. Smart automation has helped us cut production times and optimize resources without losing sight of the attention to detail we are known for.



We aren’t the owners of this planet, merely guests. That’s why, in our firm commitment to society and our surroundings, we carry out various actions to make this world a better place. Sustainability is our goal, in the broadest sense of the word.

Image of the interior of a Pikolinos store.


Pikolinos spaces that reflect the essence of the brand. Leather, wood, Mediterranean spirit and citrus aromas combine with our collections for a unique shopping experience that fills all our visitors with comfort.