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A sevillana song by Manuel Pareja Obregón says that Seville has something that only Seville has. Then, the maestro begins to enumerate all the elements that make the city unique.

Moon, sun, flower and mantilla
Laughter and sadness
And the Virgin Macarena
Who is also from Seville

The Andalusian city is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we do not know why. It might be because of one thing, or many. It might be the light, the music, the breeze from the Guadalquivir or its ancient history. What we do know is that we will never get tired of walking around this city.

Google Map of Sevilla
Illustration of the map of Seville with two tourists


Illustration of a plate of food
Title Estraperlo

Santa Rosa, 4

When cooking is not about labor but about faith, projects like Estraperlo arise.

It is not just a restaurant based on organic and seasonal products. It is not just a store selling unique products. It is not just a place to learn cooking in its monthly workshops.

It is a comprehensive tribute to everything that involves eating, cooking, caring and enjoying.
Photograph of some vases and flowers decorating the wall of the Estraperlo restaurant
Interior photography of the Estraperlo restaurant
illustration plate with prawns
Title Restaurante Ozama

Av. de la Borbolla, 59

It is called Casa Ozama because it is a house. Or it was. Back in 1912, a beautiful villa with a garden stood in El Porvenir. More than a century later, it is one of the most special and unique restaurants in Seville.

Grill and fire, rice dishes, starters based on the iconic Sevillian tapas and an enjoyable cocktail and drinks bar. Dazzling.
Illustration of a man in Taberna Ánima Gallery
Title Ánima

Miguel Cid, 80

Hidden in one of the little streets surrounding the Alameda de Hércules, the Galería Taberna Ánima has become a refuge for bohemian souls and lovers of rock and jazz.

Live music, flamenco gatherings and, in short, a place to take shelter from the frivolity of the world.
Illustration of two glasses with music symbols
Title Terraza del Eme

Alemanes, 27

If there were a ranking of places in which to, like Stendhal, become overwhelmed by the dazzling beauty of the city, one of the spots of honor would be occupied by La Terraza del EME.

Its rooftop, facing the Giralda itself, is a gift of life that you deserve to experience at twilight.
Photograph of the Eme terrace with the Giralda in the background
Illustration of two sandwiches with a glass
Title Casa Moreno

Gamazo, 7

Seville has some things that only Seville has.

One of them is Casa Moreno, an abacería or grocery store with a very attractive extra: a traditional bar that defines the landscape of an entire city.

It is highly recommended to spend some time reading the aphorisms that the owner sticks on the walls.

Title Casa Vizcaino

Feria, 27

Of all the ecosystems that co-exist in Seville, the one on Calle Feria street deserves a special visit.

There, Casa Vizcaíno is one of the obligatory stops because of the vintage of the bar, the montaditos de pringá, the cod and the rich sunshine that comes in through the door, which even in winter repairs the spirit.

Illustration of two people at the door of Casa Vizcaíno
Title Un Gato en Bicicleta

Cuesta de la Churra, 4

Photograph of the interior of the cafeteria A cat on a bicycle
Illustration of a cafe and the logo of a cat on a bicycle

When someone is completely devoted to the dissemination of culture, when someone is in love with creativity, it is very difficult to leave anything out.

That's why at Un gato en bicicleta they avoid summarizing what they do. "Coffee, vermouth, beers, sweet, savory, books, and art (not necessarily in that order)," they say on their Instagram profile.

Hold on to the beautiful things, that's what life is all about.
food illustration
Title El Torno Pastelería de Conventos de Clausura

Avda. de la Constitución, 24

As far as we know, there is no scientific proof of the existence of God, but we would be willing to bet that the closest thing to such proof are the sweets made in the different convents of the city and sold in El Torno.

Pestiños, marzipans, nougats, yemas, bizcochos and other sweet delights that, we would bet, come straight from the most divine heaven.
Title Bar El Comercio

Lineros, 9

Although the history of El Comercio extends over a century, most of its pages are about its churros. They are made in-house and effortlessly set you up for the day.

As the day progresses, tapas, montaditos and serranitos create a cuisine that we’re pretty sure will continue for another century.

food illustration
Illustration of the door of the Garlochí bar
Title Garlochí

Boteros, 26

If you draw a line halfway between the rigor of Semana Santa (Easter Week) and the most strident hedonism, you will find yourself in the land of Garlochí, one of the most picturesque bars in this galaxy.

Miguel, the patriarch, runs this place full of religious imagery, pagan cultural idols, the smell of incense and a little corner dedicated to Luz Casal.

It is impossible to explain. Better to see it, as they say in real estate.

Photograph of the door of the Garlochí bar
Photograph of a painting of the interior of the Carbonería
Illustration of two people having a drink at the entrance of the Carbonería
Title La Carbonería

Céspedes, 21

In Seville people shout in the markets, in soccer stadiums and in La Carbonería.

But in the latter it is done to the beat of clapping and accompanied by the sonanta. All the legends of flamenco have sung here. And those who do not sing can also visit this enjoyable portion of bohemian Seville.

Get your shoes tapping.
Photograph of the logo and a window of the restaurant La Cañabota
Illustration of a person in the Cañabota
Title restaurante Cañabota

Orfila, 1

With its brand new Michelin Star, Cañabota has become a key spot for modern Sevillian cuisine.

Its food is based on the best fish and seafood, an exquisite use of the grill and the good work of its intrepid chefs Marcos Nieto and Rafa Garcia.

Hey, and they also offer their art in the form of tapas.

Walk around

Illustration of the mushrooms of Seville
Title Setas de Sevilla

As Seville is such a daughter of its tradition, it is quite funny that one of its most modern works has become a symbol. And even more so if we take into account the controversy surrounding its construction.

This modern structure, the Metropol Parasol, offers a very nice shade, has a roof where you can walk around with wonderful views and, hey, it is very enjoyable.
Photograph of the views from one of the mushroom works in Seville
Photography of the views from Las Setas
Illustration of a tower with palm trees at Paseo Cristobal Colón
Title Paseo de Cristóbal Colón

The Paseo de Cristóbal Colón runs along that gift of nature that is the Guadalquivir River.

In its 500 meters we find a high concentration of iconic images of the city, plus spectacular views of the neighborhood "opposite", Triana.

It is a perfect place to end your exploration of the city.

Title Plaza de España Spain square illustration

It was built in the early 20th century in the heart of the Parque de María Luisa. The idea was that the space and the building would be part of the University of Seville.

For whatever reason, the complex ended up being the seat of the military government of the city.

Books were exchanged for rifles, but the square is still one of the most visited places in the Andalusian capital.
Photograph of women's sports shoes by Pikolinos leaning against a wall and the Plaza de
                        España in the background
Illustration of the Lonja del Barranco market
Title Marcado Lonja del Barranco

Arjona S/N

Every city has its gourmet market. In Seville, the delicatessen tasting market is located a stone's throw from the Puente de Triana.

It was designed by Gustave Eiffel -yes, that Eiffel- and built in 1883.

20 stalls, leading brands, renovated atmosphere and a good place to spend a day off. As long as there are still traditional markets, we're all for it.
Illustration of a terrace in the Lonja del Barranco market


Photograph of the wall with leaves and pots at Casa de Salinas
Illustration of the arches at the entrance of Casa de Salinas Title Casa Salinas

Mateos Gago, 39

If you kick a stone in Seville you get seven palaces.

The Casa de Salinas was built in the 16th century. That's long before there was Instagram, the place where you can upload a photo of its columns and plasterwork or its walls covered with dazzling tiles.

There is not a corner that does not deserve to be scrutinized. Pure Seville.
Photograph of the arches and patio of Casa de Salinas
An antique illustration of the Antiquarium
Title Antiquarium

Plaza de la Encarnación s/n

All the great civilizations of southern Europe have passed through Seville. And all of them have a place in the Antiquarium, the archaeological museum of Seville opened in 2011 under the new icon of the city, the Metropol Parasol, also known as Las Setas.
Illustration of a statue and some trees in the Plaza Santa María
Title Plaza de Santa Marta

Next to the Giralda there is an alley that takes you to an unknown dimension, to a parallel universe of cool shade and a comforting silence.

The Plaza de Santa Marta is a hidden corner behind a bend that allows you to make that necessary break and get ready to continue pounding the streets.

Photograph of a wall with some tiles where the image of the Virgin is and some phrases in the
                    Plaza Santa María
Illustration of a man in the cigar factory in Seville
Title real Fábrica de Tabacos de Sevilla

Surely you are familiar with the story of the most famous cigarette girl in the world, from the libretto that Bizet made eternal. Well, Carmen, that cigarette-maker, worked in this building, a stone's throw from the Reales Alcázares.

The Royal Tobacco Factory has been, for many years, the main headquarters of the University of Seville, but retains all the magic of this tragic love story. Oops, we've dropped a spoiler.


Illustration of a man in the cigar factory in Seville
Title Hotel Boutique Casa Romana

Trajano. 15

Seville's Roman heritage has permeated the city for more than 2,000 years.

This constant trickle fills the city with recognizable influences, such as those that flood this hotel. Formed by two palace houses, the place is the perfect refuge for any walker who is eager to find new stimuli in every corner of the city.

The swimming pool is good enough to stay and live in.
Photograph of Pikolinos women's sneakers at the hotel Photograph of a pair of Pikolinos women's high-heeled shoes at the hotel Photograph of a pair of Pikolinos women's high-heeled shoes at the hotel
Illustration of the Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia
Title Hotel Las Casas de la Judería

Sta. María la Blanca, 5

This hotel is the perfect base from which to explore the city starting from the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Its interior is so complex and suggestive that it could well seem like a Seville within Seville.

About 130 rooms, 40 patios, and a mix of fountains, statues, pedestals, columns, floors, period furniture, amphorae, jugs, and ancient walls. A journey through time. Photograph of some Pikolinos men's shoes leaning against a red wall
Illustration of the Hotel Casa 1800 Seville
Title Hotel casa 1800 Sevilla

Rodrigo Caro, 6

Hotel Casa 1800 is a boutique hotel -with a twin brother in Granada- with a classic decor, history in the air and a charm that surrounds you as soon as you walk in.

Spacious, bright rooms, a jacuzzi, a terrace, and one of those Sevillian patios that make you want to write in verse. Photograph of some Pikolinos shoes on a blue floor