“Personally I think that being able to show yourself to the world in the way you want without a veil, without a cloak, is something worthwhile. Playing with my appearance, disguising myself, dressing up, becoming different women is part of something which is pure pleasure”

Espido Freire is a writer from Bilbao whose values make her stand out personally and professionally. She writes captivating novels, short stories, poetry and literary essays to remind us that there is a very deep and attractive beauty which is far more important than any physical beauty.

She masters each word as well as each of her silences. She tends each novel as if it were her last. Or her first. She not only tells stories; she also loves listening to them. She creates them with enormous care and affection, stories in which she dives into a parallel world and gives free reign to ideas.

She looks after the little details and seeks perfection in everything she does.

She has won many awards and prizes and her unique way of giving you goosebumps in a matter of seconds with her powerful narrative art always stands out.

She never gets discouraged and never throws in the towel. An unbridled love for the arts, for words and literature which she gives us in each of her creations.

Caught up in social media, on her Instagram account she gives us stories, photographs and looks that show her more natural side. Follow her steps at @EspidoFreire and... look at her feet, because she leaves a mark with @Pikolinos_Shoes.