We have been told the story of a person who went to Murcia, locked himself up and did not come out to live and devour the streets. We believe it is a legend, because no one knows who it was. It would be, in fact, crazy not to go out to walk those squares, to eat at those bars, to chat with the local people, always ready for the outdoor hedonism that such a privileged enclave provides.

We left yesterday and we want to go back tomorrow. Join us to wander through the joie de vivre of Murcia.

Murcia Google Map
Illustration of Murcia map with points of interest


Illustration of two people at the entrance of the Post Office Market.
Título Mercado de Correos

Pintor Villacís, 3

In keeping with the times, the Mercado de Correos has become an attractive compendium of cuisine to be enjoyed in one place. Attention to detail in the décor and an enjoyable atmosphere at any time of the day.

Picture of the decoration and the inside of the Mercado de Correos.
Picture of the decoration and the inside of the Mercado de Correos.
Ilustración de un plato de comida
Título Restaurante Perro y Limón

Navarra, 4

This restaurant, founded in 2019, has been climbing creative rungs to establish itself as a place to enjoy an unabashed feast. If you're a fan of international cuisine gambols using tasty yet familiar produce, you've got to come here. Fusion and fun that is already part of the Bib Gourmand recommendations of the Michelin Guide.

Ilustración de un plato de comida
Título Restaurante Keki

Fuensanta, 4

We haven't counted how many religions there are in Murcia, but tapas is one of the most popular. The chef Sergio Martínez spreads the faith using market products and contemporary cuisine. An attractive prix fixe menu and a playful wine list.

Illustration of the Raro restaurant's entrance
Título Raro by Black Tag


There are people who prefer to start with good produce and a foundation based on tradition to delve into more contemporary experiences and dishes. Raro offers this fusion through the skill of chef Alejandro Rosa. Rosa, who became bold by working in a few Michelin-star restaurants, changes the menu every six months so that the surprises never end.

Picture of the Raro restaurant’s entrance
Illustration of the facade and entrance of El Churra Restaurant.
Título Restaurante El Churra

Obispo Sancho Dávila, 8

Tradition lives on at El Churra. An old-fashioned restaurant, where you feel like you are in a Murcian house, with its fruits of the sea, its zarangollo and its pisto, which taste of pure vegetable garden, its kid, its partridges and its ham. Murcia served in delicious dishes to make a tour of what has triumphed from generation to generation.

Título Restaurante Virgen del Mar

Pl. de San Nicolás, 3

Nestled in a charming square, the restaurant already gives clues in its name of what it offers on the menu. Seafood and fish of the highest level from the coasts of Murcia and Almeria. Soups, stews, and rice dishes that condense all the flavor of the interior. A perfect place for foodies.

https://restaurantevirgendelmar.com/ Illustration of a shrimp dish
Illustration of a food dish
Título Almamater

Madre de Dios, 15

Chef Juan Guillamón established his project in this charming two-story restaurant in the heart of the city. Devoted to the best raw materials and with his cuisine anchored in the local legacy, Guillamón plays with textures, presentations and daring incursions into exotic flavors to create an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Picture of the interior of the Almamater restaurant
Illustration of a sushi dish
Título Restaurante Maguro Square Sushi

Plaza Mayor, 2

With the respect they have for fish in this area, it is only right to aspire to prepare it in the best possible way. This is what they do at Maguro, a Japanese restaurant with a classic menu and some locally influenced dishes.

Título Restaurante El Pasaje de Belluga

Pl. del Cardenal Belluga, 5

A stone's throw from the Murcia cathedral, this restaurant is committed to the excellence of its produce, a wide variety of seafood, a daily choice of fish from the fish market and meats served according to the tradition of northern Spain. A perfect place to get inspired.

https://pasajedebelluga.com/ Illustration of a seafood dish
Illustration of a food dish
Título Restaurante La pequeña taberna

Pl. San Juan, 7

We have been walking around Spain for some time now with our Pikolinos and enjoying the local gastronomy in a good handful of cities. Murcia has left its mark in its own right and La Pequeña Taberna, a paradigm of local food, is to blame. The Mediterranean, the vegetable garden, rice dishes, meats, and desserts - oh, that Calatrava bread! - make us want to stay here forever.

Illustration of a food dish with a cup
Título Restaurante Cabaña Beunavista

Urb. Buenavista S/N

An estate on the outskirts of the city is the place chosen by chef Pablo González to offer one of the most excellent gastronomic experiences in this country. His two Michelin stars are nothing more than the confirmation that innovation, flavor and storytelling have found in these gardens the perfect vehicle to express an idea.



Illustration of Santo Domingo Square
Título Plaza de Santo Domingo

The center of Murcia has a few of those squares that invite you to share time, food, and drink. One of them is Santo Domingo, where we invite you to have a drink at one of its terraces before going out to explore the city in your trusty shoes.

Picture of Santo Domingo Square
Illustration of the old bridge Título Puente Viejo

Almost 300 years contemplating the walks of the Murcians and everyone who comes to the city, because, in one way or another, you always end up listening to the murmur of the Segura river along this piece of history. On one side, the temple of the Virgen de los Peligros and the garden of Floridablanca. On the other, the old Murcia with its cathedral, its lovely squares and its narrow and cozy streets.

Illustration of the artillery barracks
Título Cuartel Artillería

Cartagena S/N

Where once there were rifles, now there is music. And there is nothing poetic about this. Literally, the parade ground of the city's former artillery barracks is flooded with the strains of the neighboring music conservatory. In the barracks itself, there is even more music, dance, exhibitions and a good number of activities that gladden one’s heart.

Picture of two models of men's dress shoes, one in blue and the other in brown, leaning against a column.
Illustration of some people on the Malecón promenade
Título Paseo del Malecón

Arjona, S/N

Murcia was blessed with an extraordinary climate that, unfortunately, can be too hot in summer. But to handle that we have places like the Paseo del Malecón. One of the most popular places to take a walk - excuse me, a stroll -, chat with the locals and have a cool drink.

Picture of a Pikolinos women's shoe resting on a bridge with the Malecón promenade in the background.


Picture of the columns and statues of the Real Casino de Murcia
Illustration of a girl at the Real Casino de Murcia Título Real Casino de Murcia

Trapería, 18

The Real Casino is one of the institutions that gives Murcia all the flavor of history. Its conglomeration of styles, a different one in each of its iconic halls, makes it more than just a meeting place for local society. It is an environment in which to lose oneself surrounded by beauty and the heritage of an entire region.

Picture of the interior of the Real Casino de Murcia
Título Pikolinos Murcia

Trapería, 22

Illustration of the door of the Pikolinos Murcia store.
Illustration of several people in the streets of silver, rag and soap shops. Título Calles-Platería-Trapería-Jabonerías

The commercial bustle of the city is concentrated in these streets and those adjoining them. Few or none of the rag-pickers, silversmiths and soap-makers are left, but the names of these guilds serve as a starting point to follow the rich history of Murcia to the present day.

Illustration of the cathedral of Murcia
Catedral de Murcia

The Catedral de Santa Maria was consecrated in 1467. Like almost all those that arose at that time, it was expanded according to the needs and styles of each era. Starting from the Gothic style, it has Baroque, Renaissance and Neoclassical elements that make up an impressive monumental ensemble.

Picture of a Pikolinos handbag, wallet and women's shoes with the cathedral in the background.
Fotografía del teatro Romea
Illustration of a person taking a picture of the Romea theater.
Título Teatro Romea

Pl. Julian Romea, S/N

The pride of the city for its history and architecture, the Teatro de Romea has been watching art parade across its stage for a century and a half. Its current appearance is the result of the reconstruction that was made in 1880, after a couple of fires. Its stage has been home to premieres of plays by Jacinto Benavente, Federico García Lorca and, at present, it is one of the most majestic venues for dramatic art in Spain.

Picture of a work at the Santa Clara Museum
Illustration of the Santa Clara museum Título Museo de Santa Clara

Av. Alfonso X el Sabio, 1

Behind the Teatro Romea, the Santa Clara complex includes several elements of extraordinary importance. Among them, the monastery of the Poor Clares, which has been there since the 14th century, the Arab palaces with their gardens, their pond and their overwhelming beauty, the church of Santa Clara and the museum of the same name. For us, it is the best place to see the work of Salzillo, the great Baroque sculptor.

Picture of the courtyard of the Santa Clara museum and a statue.
Museo de Bellas Artes

C. Obispo frutos, 12

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1962, the MUBAM is the local pearl in terms of protection of Murcia’s cultural and artistic heritage. In addition to the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, the museum has a program of workshops and activities for everyone, but especially children, to develop the necessary appreciation for artistic activity and heritage.

https://www.museosregiondemurcia.es/ Illustration Fine Arts Museum of Murcia
Picture of the entrance of the Bellas Artes Museum of Murcia.


Illustration of the entrance of the Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca hotel.
Título Hotel Catalonia

Princesa, 18

Located right in the gardens of the same name, the hotel has well-kept facilities, a gastronomic proposal based on local cuisine, and a gym, solarium, and swimming pool that make up an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city.

Illustration of a person taking a picture of others in front of the Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas hotel.
Título Occidentaln Murcia Siete Coronas

Paseo de Garay, 5

Although it is one of the classics of the city, the hotel has been completely renovated to offer a space in keeping with the times. Excellent location, a gym, and an attractive bistro with terrace.